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Manga Character Drawing (Postponed)

Today I made a drawing for The Summer Learning Journey, 
You had to picture a character and then try to draw it, 
the computer would clean it up afterwards. 

Here is my picture.

I did a girl wearing big jacket and a red beanie.

I really enjoyed getting to make a manga character because it is so creative. 
You should have a go at doing it yourself? 
Click here if you want to check out the website.

Long Place Names

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I learnt about long place names,
I listened to a music video from a kiwi artist called Ra Costelle,
explored a different task from the summer learning journey,
looked at some slides about some places with long names,
and finally filled out the form about some other long place names.

Here is my form,


I liked learning about some long place names,
but my favourite part was listening to the song.
What is the longest place name you know?

Creature Creation

Kia ora,
This afternoon I completed an activity for the Summer learning Journey Called Creature Creation,
I had to watch videos and read stories about monsters from around the world.
My favourite monster was probably the Bunyip,
It just sounds so creepy but at the same time so cute.
Anyways, I also had to think of what my creature could be so I could make my own.
I really enjoyed this activity because it was so creative and I got to have a little bit of
a deep think to figure the back story.

Here is my creature,

What would you name your creature? Would it be based on anything?

Artistic Maths – Pursuit Square

This arvo I made Pursuit Square for the Summer Learning Journey,
I had to watch videos of what to do, and then I made my own.
I created squares inside others squares using the polyline tool.

Here is my pursuit square,

I liked doing this activity especially when I changed the colours because 
I loved seeing the result.

What colours would you make you pursuit square?

Summer Space Invaders

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I have made pixel characters,
It took me a long time to think of what to make and then having to size the image 
was also tricky.
I figured that if the image was bigger you could add more details,
I made 2 characters, the ghost was called giggles the frightened ghost,
and the other was called blaze.

Here they are,



What would you name your character?
Would your character be based on anything?

Sign Language Memory Game

Today I did an activity for the Summer Learning Journey about sign language,
you had to choose 2 squares and then delete them to see what you got,
if you got a pair then you leave them so you can see the pair,
if you didn't get a pair then you have to put the square back on.

Mine is below,

Overall I think this activity was a fun challenge because I had
to keep retrying.
Do you know any sign?

My Summer Poster

Kia ora and welcome back to my blog,
Today I made a poster about summer.
I watched videos and red articles about how to make a perfect poster.
I also looked at some cool designs of summer posters.
Here is my poster,

I liked making my own image of someone surfing,
although it was really challenging I think I pulled it off.
What image would you put on that poster?

NZ Sign Language

This afternoon I did an activity about NZ sign language.
I had to watch 2 videos about learning sign language and then
complete a match up activity.

Here is the activity,


The activity was fun and took me a long time because I kept having to 
go back to the start of the alphabet to get a rhythm.
Do you know any NZ sign?

SuperDuper Surfboard

This afternoon I designed a surfboard for the Summer Learning Journey.
I surf a lot at home, because I live close to the beach,
I also came 1st overall in the South Island Championship for Surf Life Saving.
Here is my surfboard,

My surfboard design is based off a real surfboard design,
but I made my own version, it is called The Ghost.
The colours I chose symbolize warm tropical weather,(Orange and Green)
and clear blue ocean (light Blue).

I found this activity fun and challenging because I had to start
my design from scratch.

What is your favourite thing to do in the water?