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War Poster

W.A.L.T Be Critical Thinkers

Today I learnt a little bit about WW1, and how the U.S Navy made posters
to persuade the reader into joining their army.
This was mainly targeted for young men who had just finished Uni.
Here it is

I found this activity quite easy because of all the posters i've seen before.
Have you ever wondered if there will ever be another World war?

Jokes In Space

Today I did a task which involved jokes, to be more specific DAD JOKES,
I had to match the question with the answer some of them were pretty funny,
here they are,

Space Jokes

Q: How do aliens keep their pants up?

A: With an asteroid belt.

Q: How do aliens pay for coffee?

A: With starbucks

Q: What do you say to a 3-headed space creature?

A: Hello. Hello. Hello.

Q: What’s a light-year?

A: The same as a regular year, but with less calories.

Q: Why was Mickey Mouse wandering around outer space?

A: He was searching for Pluto.

Q: What do you call an insane space traveler?

A: An astro-NUT.

  1. How do you get a baby to sleep in outer space?
  2. You rocket…

Q: What do you call an alien who has six eyes?

A: An aliiiiiien.

My favourite one was the mickey mouse one,
Do you know any space jokes?


Movie Review

Today I made a movie review about an old movie called A Trip To The Moon,
it is directed by Georges melies,
here is the review,

It wasn't my favourite movie, but it was enjoyable to look at what it used to be
like to watch movies.
Do you ever wonder about space?

Facts About SPACE 🚀

I have been learning about space, Today I will be sharing my favourite facts
about Space,

1. You will get a lot of sunburn in space because of the radiation
2. Humans don't cope well without sunlight
3. In space there is no up or down

I hope you learnt something today,
if you know anything else make sure to comment it.

🤯Space Words!!🌌

W.A.L.T Gather information from what we have read

to form an opinion.


This week for reading Room 2 have been working all around space,

I have done an activity about words to do with space, most of these words I didn’t know,



I found finding these words in a dictionary challenging,

Do you know anything about space?


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