Sign Language Memory Game

Today I did an activity for the Summer Learning Journey about sign language,
you had to choose 2 squares and then delete them to see what you got,
if you got a pair then you leave them so you can see the pair,
if you didn't get a pair then you have to put the square back on.

Mine is below,

Overall I think this activity was a fun challenge because I had
to keep retrying.
Do you know any sign?

One thought on “Sign Language Memory Game

  1. Hello Louis,

    Manar here from the Summer Learning Journey Team.

    Awesome work to see your perseverance with this activity which kept you retrying despite getting them wrong initially, you kept giving it a go! This activity is awesome because it builds your memory in memorising the vowels in sign language and which will help out a lot when speaking in sign language as a lot of words have vowels. Did you know that there are three official languages in New Zealand? They are: English, Māori and Sign Language. Yes! in primary school I learnt how to say Hi, my name is Manar in Sign Language and I still remember it.

    Keep up the great work!
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)