Artistic Maths – Pursuit Square

This arvo I made Pursuit Square for the Summer Learning Journey,
I had to watch videos of what to do, and then I made my own.
I created squares inside others squares using the polyline tool.

Here is my pursuit square,

I liked doing this activity especially when I changed the colours because 
I loved seeing the result.

What colours would you make you pursuit square?

One thought on “Artistic Maths – Pursuit Square

  1. Kia ora Louis,

    Manar here from the Summer Learning Journey Team. I love how you have mentioned how anyone who comes across your blogpost can also learn how to create their very own pursuit square artwork using the polyline tool. It’s great to hear that you really enjoyed completing this activity and using alternating colours of black and white to create this amazing artwork! This activity reminds of seeing optical illusions that really come to life as with the spirals and spins and turns it almost looks 3D and its jumping back at you.

    I think I would choose the colours black and yellow, because it will create a really powerful bright eye catching pursuit square artwork. Looking forward to your next blogpost!
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)