The End

Today for writing we chose an image online to write about.
I chose a scene where the water was eating the city,
The W.A.L.T was Describe the words,

Here is mine,


I enjoyed doing this because I liked finding the image.

Swimming Hotspot

This week I have been doing a hot spot about swimming in QEII.
I did a lot of activities,

Here is my certificate of achievement that I made.

This was fun to make and find all the images,
and the final result was amazing.

Next I did a word find I didn't think this was very good because everything
was overlapping.

Here it is,

This was pretty hard because we had to find the answer sheet.

Overall I thought the hotspot was fun and after I finished I would get
to make QEII on minecraft.


Today I filled in a format about persistence,
I thought about the questions then answered them.
I had to add pictures to go with the sentence,

Here is my activity,

I enjoyed this activity because I got to choose these amazing pictures.
What do you want to be when you grow up?

Caption The Cows

Today I did an activity where you had to add captions to some cows
that are staring at a camera,
Everyone had some fun ideas with lots of puns with the word moo.(eg.Moovies)

Here is my caption the cows,

I enjoyed this activity because we got to chose what the cows say, 
and make our own conversation

Top Saints

Today I chose a saint and made a top trumps card.
I chose michael the archangel.

Here is my card,

I enjoyed this activity and thought it was creative,
What saints do you know?

Vacuum Cleaners

Today I did an activity where you add captions to vacuum cleaners and create
a conversation. You can make them say anything you want.
Here is a screenshot of my work.

I thought this activity was really fun and creative.
What would you make them say?

Nationals Surf Life Saving

This week instead of going to camp in Arthurs Pass, my Dad, my brother and I went to 
the New Zealand champs for Surf Life Saving. I started surf lifesaving for 
South Brighton in 2018, but started doing competitions in 2019. This year so 
far I have done South Island champs, I think I did pretty well in that, 
winning a few things, so my parents signed me up for Nationals  in Mount Maunganui. 
Nationals runs over 4 days with up to 3 events each day, there were about 700 contestants 
covering the whole beach.

Only 12 competitors from my club came up to the comp. 
I got one medal coming 2nd in beach flags, beach flags is when competitors 
lie down in the sand, facing away from the flags. At the signal they get to their 
feet, turn and sprint to a flag placed in the sand. There are always fewer flags than 
competitors. Anyone who fails to gain a flag is eliminated until there is only 1 person 
left. In that event I managed to get my only medal. I was very proud of my results, 
I got into 5 finals. 

Overall out of 50 clubs South Brighton finished 6th.

This was a great experience and am looking forward to next year's Nationals.

Here are some pics,


Team Tahi Teamwork

W.A.L.T Work Together

Last week in Team Tahi we did a teamwork activity,
we played a really fun game where you had to collect water from a big bucket with an 
ice-cream container and run to the other side to fill up that bucket.
Here are a few photos,

My favourite part was when M.r Gray told us to hold it above our head.
Have you ever played a game similar to this?

Manga Character Drawing (Postponed)

Today I made a drawing for The Summer Learning Journey, 
You had to picture a character and then try to draw it, 
the computer would clean it up afterwards. 

Here is my picture.

I did a girl wearing big jacket and a red beanie.

I really enjoyed getting to make a manga character because it is so creative. 
You should have a go at doing it yourself? 
Click here if you want to check out the website.

Long Place Names

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I learnt about long place names,
I listened to a music video from a kiwi artist called Ra Costelle,
explored a different task from the summer learning journey,
looked at some slides about some places with long names,
and finally filled out the form about some other long place names.

Here is my form,


I liked learning about some long place names,
but my favourite part was listening to the song.
What is the longest place name you know?