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Diamante Poems

W.A.L.T write an Autumn Diamante Poem

Here In Room 2 we are learning about Diamante Poetry,
Diamante Poems are poems that are shaped like a diamond ( rhombus.)
they include 6 nouns, 4 adjectives and 6 verbs.
 ( Line 1. Noun, Line 2. adjective,adjective,
 Line 3. Verb, Verb, Verb, Line 4. Noun, Noun, Noun, Noun,
Line 5. Verb, Verb, Verb, Line 6. adjective adjective,
Line 7. Noun.) To get ideas we went for a little walk out in the domain, we listed
ideas in our writing books so we remembered them,
Here is mine.

My very favourite word i used has to be Vibrant.
What is your favourite thing to do in Autumn/Fall?


Fixed Fairy Tales

W.A.L.T Plan our recounts using a storyboard .

In Room 2 we have been learning to write recounts of fixed fairy tales,

A fixed fairy tale is a fairy tale that has been changed to a different point of view.

I have made a comic strip of the 3 little pigs,


     It says “I am so hungry” “Pig My Favourite” “Help me please” “Not another pig”


A recount is a piece of writing that retells events that have already occurred.

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