SuperDuper Surfboard

This afternoon I designed a surfboard for the Summer Learning Journey.
I surf a lot at home, because I live close to the beach,
I also came 1st overall in the South Island Championship for Surf Life Saving.
Here is my surfboard,

My surfboard design is based off a real surfboard design,
but I made my own version, it is called The Ghost.
The colours I chose symbolize warm tropical weather,(Orange and Green)
and clear blue ocean (light Blue).

I found this activity fun and challenging because I had to start
my design from scratch.

What is your favourite thing to do in the water?

9 thoughts on “SuperDuper Surfboard

  1. Kia ora Louis,

    My name is Theresa and I am one of the Summer Learning Journal commenters. Thank you for sharing your picture of your surfboard design. I love it! Straight away I can see this being carried out to the water. The colours are a great combination and I like that you have created a pattern. Your little added details of the stingray and shark are also neat little details that add to the overall look. Ka pai Louis!

    Congratulations on coming in 1st, which is ‘SuperDuper’. I am always impressed with people who surf, to me it is such an impressive sport that requires so much and gives so much. One of my favourite things to do from time to time is to watch YouTube clips of surfers hitting the big waves around the world – I just am in awe. I myself have never surfed. I prefer to fish in the safety of a boat. I would say I’m a little uncoordinated in the balance section. I tried paddle boarding once – it was fun but I did spend most of my time in the water 🙂

    Have you got any other competitions coming up? How did you learn to surf?

    Ngā mihi

    1. Hi Theresa,

      Thank you for the amazing comment,
      My next competition is in 1 month it is the canterbury champs,
      My dad taught me to surf, because he always used to take us down to the beach for a paddle.

      1. Thats exciting Louis, I wish you lots of luck for the champs. What a great passion or hobby to have and share with your dad.

        What is it like doing a competition? How do you practice for it?

        1. We practice every Sunday at our surf life saving club in south brighton,
          In a competition you turn up to the beach and find your clubs tent,
          and then you start doing the events.

          1. Hi Louis,

            Sorry I didn’t reply again sooner.

            Well I hope the training for your even goes really well and that you have an awesome comp. Any tips for those out there that have never surfed before?

            Thanks Theresa

  2. Bula Vinaka Louis!

    I really like your surfboard, I like all the detail you added. The colours you added are so pretty. I like how you explained the reasons for your colours. Congrats on winning for surf life saving! I really like to swim, I don’t know how to surf though… Do you think that when your older you going to become a life guard or a surf instructor or something like that?

    -Karolina @ Hay Park

  3. Kia Ora Louis

    I like how you design your surfboard, it looks so cool with different colours and shapes. This reminds me of when I was designing my own surfboard. My favourite thing to do in water is swimming with my friend and my Whanau in the swimming pool. Also a big congratulations to you on winning the South Island Surf Life Saving Championship.

    Do you enjoy it when you are surfing?


  4. Hi Louis, I like the surf board that you have created and all the shapes it has. I also like the vibrant colors that you have added to it.

    Good Job


  5. Kia ora Louis,

    Wow! Your blog post really blew me away. I love the design and the way you have connected it with the things that speak about summer and surfing.

    Congratulations on being 1st in Surf Life Saving. That’s a pretty big achievement.

    Keep up the great learning and blogging,
    🙂 Sharon – Te Ara Tūhura Education Programme Leader

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