Swimming Hotspot

This week I have been doing a hot spot about swimming in QEII.
I did a lot of activities,

Here is my certificate of achievement that I made.

This was fun to make and find all the images,
and the final result was amazing.

Next I did a word find I didn't think this was very good because everything
was overlapping.

Here it is,

This was pretty hard because we had to find the answer sheet.

Overall I thought the hotspot was fun and after I finished I would get
to make QEII on minecraft.

One thought on “Swimming Hotspot

  1. Kia Ora, Louis! How are you?
    It has been a long time no see!
    I really like how you added multiple little details on the certificate, such as confetti, multiple strokes, etc.
    What is your favourite stroke?
    I like how you spent time to actually complete the word find.
    How did you find the list?