My Summer Holiday

Today I made a slideshow about what my favourite holiday would be.
The slideshow is below,

I enjoyed thinking of the best places in Aotearoa for me.
If you could have one dream holiday what would it be?

7 thoughts on “My Summer Holiday

  1. Hi Louis,

    It’s Emma here from the Summer Learning Journey. It’s awesome to see you are getting into all the summer activities.
    Creating this tiki tour slide show must have taken you a lot of time, it looks like it could be out of a magazine! The pictures of each place are what initially draws me in and then your description makes me sure I would like to visit. They all look like ideal travel destinations, maybe except for White Island, although it would be very interesting to see from a safe distance! I didn’t know Dunedin was home to the rarest penguin, I am definitely going to put that on my list of things to see. My dream summer holiday in New Zealand would have to be the Coromandel. It is home to my favourite beach called New Chums. It is hard to get to, but the journey is absolutely worth it! Will you be traveling to anywhere new this summer? Thank you for sharing an awesome post Louis.

    1. Hi Emma,

      Thank you for the feedback, I would love to go to that beach, it sounds perfect.
      My Grandparents are coming over from Australia for 4 weeks, but we are going to our marae up north.
      Thanks for commenting.

      1. Hi Louis,

        That sounds very exciting, are you looking forward to spending some quality time with your grandparents? What sorts of things will you be doing together?
        I have been lucky enough to visit a marae before, the community and people make them very special places to be a part of. What do you like the most about visiting your marae?

        1. Hi Emma,

          I am very excited to spend some time with my grandparents,
          we will probably just go to the beach all the time and chill.
          I really like sleeping all together in our sleeping bags.

          1. Hi Louis,

            Theres nothing better then relaxing day at the beach and it will a lovely time with your grandparents! I’m sure they are very excited to see you if they haven’t got here already!

            That sounds like fun, do you get to stay up late and chat or eat special treats?

          2. We have been staying up a bit later and my grandad bought me a
            chocolate bar at the supermarket.

  2. Hi Louis,

    That sounds like a lot of fun!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you the best for the new year!