Sumo Tunes

Today I made a song using sumo tunes,
you have to pick the pattern for each of your instruments, there are also other patterns that
are already made for you.
I made a song that just sounds really nice (to me.)

Here's a link to the video,


I liked making a song that I got to choose.
I play the guitar, the bass I can also play the drums and a bit of the piano.

2 thoughts on “Sumo Tunes

  1. Hi Louis,

    It’s awesome to see you that you enjoyed making your song with Sumotunes. I’m sure your musical ability would have helped you with it and I would love to hear it!

    If you upload the song into your post I will be able to comment and add you in for completing the activity. Heres the link to the activity information where it tells you how to add music into your edublogs post! . I can’t wait to hear it.

    Emma (SLJ)

  2. Hi Emma,

    Thank you for the amazing comment.
    I tried to get a video but is says it wouldn’t upload for safety reasons, so i inserted a link, idk if that will work but at least you will be able to hear it.

    – Louis