My Dream Summer House

One of the tasks that I created was to design my dream summer house.
Here is mine,

What is your favourite house?

5 thoughts on “My Dream Summer House

  1. Hi Louis,

    It’s Emma here again from the Summer Learning Journey.
    What a unique and interesting house you have designed. It looks like it is in the desert somewhere, is that right? The fact that you have called it a safe house makes me think it’s somewhere that you would go to if you were in hiding or if you were an international spy! What’s the reason you chose for it to be a safe house? I love that you have also mentioned that it has a big pool inside, it looks like you would definitely need it with all that sunshine! The inspiration picture you included looks like it could be made of mirrors, or something very reflective. Do you think thats to reflect the heat from the sun? I would love to know more about it. My favourite house would have to be somewhere on a lake with a big jetty that I could run down and jump off into the water! Thanks for sharing your design Louis.

    1. Hello Emma,

      The house is in a desert but it would be pretty cool to be near a beach too.
      I always want to feel safe so that’s why.
      The house in the inspiration photo is meant to be invisible..
      I like the sound of your dream house.

      1. Hi Louis,

        It does look like the desert with all the cacti around. Would you like to visit a real desert one day, or maybe you have before? I would love to visit the Pyramids in Egypt!

        Oh wow I didn’t think about the fact that it would make it appear invisible, what a clever idea if you were wanting to keep it a secret!

        Emma – SLJ

        1. Hello Emma,

          I would love to one day visit the namibian desert someday.
          The pyramids would be pretty cool to see in person too!


          1. Hi Louis,

            That sounds amazing, what makes you choose the Namib desert? I would love to visit Namibia to see the amazing wildlife. Do you have a favourite African animal that you would love to see?

            Emma -SLJ