One Line Drawing

An activity that I did today was the 1 line drawing.
I drew a squirrel, 
I chose the colours because they were the basic colours for a cartoon squirrel.
Here is the squirrel,

I loved doing such a creative task.
Have you guys ever tried a 1 line drawing?

One thought on “One Line Drawing

  1. Hi Louis,

    It’s Emma here again.
    This activity looks like it was a lot of fun. Your squirrel has turned out brilliantly! You have made a very clever use of the lines to create its face shape, tail and feet. It looks like something you could put on a greeting card! Did you find it difficult sticking to one line? Squirrels can be quite curious creatures, have you seen one before? I have tried a one line drawing before where the task was to close your eyes and think of a song title or your favourite line from a song. Then with your eyes still closed , draw a picture using one line – it can be as squiggly or as messy as you like. Then when you open your eyes, you grab a different colour pen and see where you can join the lines or add on parts to create a real picture of something. If you have time, its a fun activity and I would love to see how you go with it! Thanks for sharing Louis, I hope you have put your picture up on the wall somewhere at home for everyone to see.