Persuasive Writing – Lollies At School

W.A.L.T write a persuasive writing.

In room 2, we have been learning about persuasive writing,
our task was to create a piece of writing and argue about it's topic,
this was quite fun and also challenging, because we had to research a lot.
Mine is below,

Have you ever got jealous of your younger siblings eating candy at pre-school, 
and your parents stealing your skittles while your working.

I think we should be allowed at least 1 chocolate bar to snack on during breaks, 
well 1st off, we have a lot of INTENSE working and we’re not even allowed to have a jelly bean. 
(well maybe 1) And secondly, if you know your candy you’d know that lollies actually 
decreases your chance of having a stroke or heart attack, yeah, you heard that right. 
And lastly (Teachers this one’s for u) Research shows that sugar is a boost for your 
brain and a little bit can help you focus. Next time i have a maths test I’ll be 
scoffing a snickers bar Left and Right.

Firstly, everyone knows we go to school to learn, but do we get enough breaks?
If you’re a student you’ll know what I mean, but if you’re a teacher, well not so much.
Say if I have just finished an essay before lunch break and need to do another one after,
you could do with a little sweet treat, am I right? 
The Teachers are the people who actually banned candy, 
but if you have x-ray vision you’ll know they always have a candy mix in their left pocket.

Secondly if you're a candy lover you’ll know this one, but if you're not then you wouldn't 
see this one coming by a long-shot. Have you ever wondered what the benefits of eating 
candy actually are?
Well research suggests that chocolate actually decreases the percentage of having a 
stroke or heart attack, that's right. This is caused because most dark chocolate is high 
in flavonoids, particularly a sub type called flavanols that is associated with a lower 
risk of heart disease. Some studies suggest chocolate or cocoa consumption is associated 
with a lower risk of insulin resistance and high blood pressure.

Lastly, Research shows that a little candy can actually boost your mental focus, 
this is caused because your brain can easily process sugar,
and if we take a deeper look into it  we can see that when we digest sugar.
Enzymes in the small intestine break it down into glucose,
glucose molecules are small enough to pass directly through cell membranes and serve as fuel.

Some people love candy, and want it every day, but others may have a different point 
of view to having candy at school.Some people might say that having too much sugar is bad for you, 
and that is true, but there are actually benefits in having sugar to, and you can always only 
have one piece of candy a day.

Do you know how much candy is made every year? I can only imagine how much of that goes to waste.
What chocolate bar was described as “packed with peanuts?” that’s what I call healthy!

In conclusion we learnt that candy is actually good for you,
But not too much or ELSE! I have a few reasons for that,
Firstly,they can help us get back on track,
Secondly,it has chemicals that are good for your body, 
And lastly, it can boost your focus.
I hope you learnt something from this,
And until next time,