Rhyming Couplet Rap

W.A.L.T Rhyming Couplets

In My class we have been watching encanto,
we made a rap about our superpowers.

My Rap Is Called Psychokinesis it is a long word
it means I can control stuff with my
mental force.

Here it is,

Title: Psychokinesis

Line 1: My super power is psychokinesis
 (si coke a knees sis )
Line 2: don't know what it is? I'm sort
 like Jesus

Line 1: I can easily exterminate 100 troopers
Line 2: You take a video, it must go pretty bloopers

Line 1: If you compare it with spe-eedrunning 
Line 2: everybody will say mine’s way to cunning

Line 1: Hey Superman, my eyes beat your’s in way to many
Line 2: If you beat me in 1 I’ll pay you a penny

Line 1: Even my mother could beat Lex Luthor
Line 2: If there was another you would  definitely suffer

What is your favourite power?