Its Snowing In Summer!

Today I learnt how to make it snow in scratch.
I chose my favourite summer place to do it in.
Did you know that all snowflakes have six sides, and research suggests that snowflakes
aren't actually white, they are transparent.

Here is my project,



Try to guess where this is?

3 thoughts on “Its Snowing In Summer!

  1. Morning Louis,

    Well done on creating snow in scratch. I am still learning how to use scratch it has been a while since I had a go but I do remember for me it required a lot of patience to learn. I have had a look at your picture but I can’t for the life of me place it! Where was the picture taken?


  2. Hi Theresa

    I don’t use scratch that often as well, but I do use it at school.
    The picture was taken in kaikoura, on churchill street.


    1. Well you have impressed me with those scratch skills, especially if you only use it at school!

      Ah yes of course!! I went to Kaikoura last year for a holiday and had some delicious fish and chips! Have you visited Kaikoura too?

      Look forward to your reply,