Today my class made potions, 
we wrote the ingredients and instructions on how we did it.
First we got put into random groups by the random name picker hat, 
which is basically a hat that sorts us into random groups.
Then we writ down what we were going to need and how much to put in, 
my group decided to make ours edible.
Then we got to making, 
Step 1. Put ripped up chicken brains (marshmallow things) into a cup,
Step 2. Put crushed rotten fish (chocolate fish) into the same cup
Step 3. Pour 60 ml of mermaid vomit (apple juice)
Step 4.Powdered rabbit poo (rice bubbles)
Step 5. Enjoy 

I hope you enjoyed learning about this edible potion (not saying it's useful)
Bye bye ;)